Friday, March 11, 2011

Sarah Ventures Into Senior Portraits

Sarah is a very bright, intelligent, and lovely high school senior. She bakes delicious cookies, celebrates her Danish heritage with folk dancing, and she's a crack shot with a rifle. With so many interests and talents, Sarah wondered what to do for her senior portraits. I suggested that we might so several mini sessions and focus on several of her interests.

Our first session was last Saturday at the Civil War reenactment in Vista, California. Sarah is a member of The Frontier Army of the West, 2nd United States Cavalry. As a Union Soldier, she dresses as a boy and is one of the best shots in the Unit. Last December at the annual Christmas Party and Awards Sarah won the award for the cleanest gun in the 2nd U.S. Cavalry. It just made sense to make our first session about her participation in the Unit.

Just before the dance on Saturday night, I met Sarah in a grassy area where we had fun posing her in her beautiful Civil War hoop dress. And just to make Sarah happy, we invited her boyfriend, Tim, to join us for a couple of portraits.

I've posted her first session portraits, and according to Sarah they are "awesome!" Thank you Sarah and I look forward to our next mini session at Old Poway Park. You can see all of Sarah's portraits on my website Elizabeth Heath Photography. Here's the link to Sarah's gallery.

Now go forth and celebrate something you're good at!