Saturday, September 26, 2009

Here Comes the Cavalry!

It was a beastly hot day as I drove up to Old Poway Park, but the idea of watching the Cavalry save the day was more appealing that staying in out of the heat. I've never actually been in Poway, so I was pleasantly surprised by how pretty the city is. The old western style of buildings in the center of the old part of town really helped set the scene for what was about to happen.

I parked outside Old Poway Park and walked past a fabulous farmer's market. That will definitely be on my list of things to do another day, because the fruit and vegetables looked so yummy. But I had to keep going if I wanted to see the Cavalry save the day. On I walked past a beautiful fountain next to the Hamburger Factory, (hmmm. . . lunch!) over the wooden footbridge, until I finally reached the encampment. Canvas tents were held up by wooden poles, rifles were pitched like a tepee, and I suddenly felt I had slipped back into history.

The old steam engine train was making its way round and round the park with excited children, old and young, thoroughly enjoying themselves. BOOM, BOOM, BOOM! I just about jumped out of my skin. The Gatling Gun was being fired with smoke filling the air and gun enthusiasts smiling at the sight of it.

Off in the distance the Old Poway Train was chugging along its way when all of a sudden pistols could be heard - the train was being robbed! The money was brought off the train while the passengers waited hoping to be on their way without anymore shots being fired. What's that I hear? It's a bugle announcing the Cavalry's coming.

The face off began. The train robbers were face to face with the Cavalry and there were only two choices they could make - leave peacefully or take their chances with the Cavalry. They decided to fight and the shots rang out piercing the air. Children cried and smoke choked the air. One by one the robbers fell until they had been defeated. The Cavalry had saved the day. And because this was pretend or reenactment of events that happened in history, the robbers got to their feet and bowed for their appreciative audience.

I decided to wander among the tents to see all the historical guns, medical equipment, clothing, and daily items used by the Cavalry, fur traders, the sheriff, and others who had come out to give us all a little taste of history.

Off to the Hamburger Factory for lunch and relaxing in the cool before going back to enjoy more of my day at Old Poway Park. By the way, my hamburger was delicious.

This November the Civil War Reenactment will take place in Moorpark. It will have many more groups like the ones I saw at Old Poway Park and they will reenact actual civil war battles. I can't wait. Maybe I'll see you there. In the mean time check out all my photos from Old Poway Park on my website

Now go forth and make it an exciting day and maybe stay inside where it's cool!!

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