Monday, December 28, 2009

Big Rocks and Beautiful Girls!

It was a crisp chilly morning as I headed out to Big Rock Park Christmas Eve morning. The sky was blue and the colorful trees had managed to hang on to most of their leaves during the blustery windy day we'd had the day before. My assistant, Ashley, arrived and we were gathering all my equipment for the photo shoot when Laura and her daughters, Alex and Jordan, pulled up.

All bundled in sweaters and cute boots the girls looked darling. Laura looked amazing in her very fashionable boots! The girls were excited about having their photos taken. The last time they had had photos taken they were just little things, so it was definitely time! We headed into the park with the girls chattering about all the places they thought would be good spots for photos. Alex wanted photos down by the creek among the trees. Good idea. I had that thought also. Jordan wanted photos on the slide in the play area. Absolutely, but maybe at the end of the shoot. Only one idea was nixed and that was Jordan's idea to have them all lined up with their backs to the chain link fence! Kids are funny, aren't they? Jordan was okay with it, because I promised her we would take photos on the slide.

All was going very well until my off-camera flash died on me. I'm sure I recharged it. Was it last night or the night before? Oh well, next time I'd better make sure it's the night before my shoot! Out came the reflectors and the on-camera flash. Back to basics as Laura said. We managed to finish up the shoot with some lovely photos of Laura and her girls. You can see all their photos on my website.

Now, go forth and do something that will take you back to the basics!

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