Saturday, August 15, 2009

Another Saturday Night in Gorgeous San Diego

Welcome back! It's Saturday night and I'm loving living and working in San Diego. The cool air tonight is wonderful after the heat we've had here, but you can't beat being a photographer in this gorgeous setting heat or no heat. My studio is anywhere I want to go whether it's the beach, La Jolla Cove, Wind and Sea, Coronado, or Griffin Park steps from where I live. And why not? The morning and evening light is perfect and gives me the opportunity to take gorgeous photos.

An indoor studio is great if you can afford to have one, but since I can't at this point and I love being outdoors, it just make sense to use it to my advantage. My clients love it too. After all, they are in a place they enjoy being, so they feel more comfortable having their photos taken. When I'm at the Cove, for example, the crashing waves, the stunning blue sky, and the smell of the salty air is completely energizing. I work better in that kind of atmosphere and my clients have no problem smiling. A win win situation for all, I'd say.

I just got an email today from a photographer friend who has a studio in a beautiful spot along the coast of Oregon . She just closed it down and will be working outside exclusively now. With the economy being what it is, it just makes sense to use what is available. She and I are blessed to be able to work in such beautiful cities.

So I guess tonight I'm celebrating San Diego, my studio, and all that it has to offer a photographer who is willing to get out there and use it to its full advantage! So here's a challenge for you: go forth and shoot photos where you live and take full advantage of the gorgeous spots in your city. You might be surprised by what you find!

Good night and I'll see you here in a couple of days.


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