Friday, August 21, 2009

Friday, August 21st

I typed the date in and couldn't believe that it's almost the end of August. This year has flown. The sky is filled with clouds on this cool day in San Diego. Rain and thunder storms are predicted, which makes this seasonably unusual. I love it, though, because I think change is good. So often we fight change in our lives only to look back and find that it opened up doors that we never expected or perhaps gave us opportunities that took us in a whole new direction.

This week I met with the Smuggers group of San Diego. Smugmug is the host for my website and they do a fantastic job. I started out displaying my photos from the DSLR Photography Club of San Diego, but eventually upgraded to a pro account. David Wolf of Wolfsnap Design, who was also at the meeting, did a great job designing my site and I enjoy the compliments I receive.

Sorry, I digressed there a bit. Anyway, I had the chance to hear a gifted photographer by the name of Dane Sanders who presented an amazing show of his work. His style is totally different than mine and he works in the big leagues of wedding and commercial photography. His clients are people like Lens Crafters and Ozzie Osborne! He's a local guy, which makes me realize what a gifted group of photographers actually call the San Diego area home.

Dane really inspired me to work hard and be open to the opportunities that present themselves. I think sometimes we as photographers can become very short sighted and we end up shooting ourselves in the foot. As I work on building my business, which is hard work for very little pay at this point, I am going to remember Dane and his story. His crazy photography style as a 21 year old kid crashing high end parties in New York to take photos of people he didn't know has developed over the years to the much in demand destination wedding photographer he is now.

You can check out Dane Sanders website and his new book, Fast Track Photographer at

Make it a great day for change!

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