Friday, August 28, 2009

Ashley, Beach Girl, Gets Her Senior Portait Done!

August 28, 2009

It was a blistering hot day, even in La Jolla. Ashley and her mom had arranged to meet me near the seal pool and we were all hoping for nice blue skies. We got our wish. The marine layer was way out to sea, which meant we'd have a gorgeous sky, blue water, and heat! But Ashley and her mom, Norma, were real troupers. I had them hiking up the rocks, down the rocks, over the rocks, well, you get the idea. We got our exercise in for the day, but we also had a ball trying different poses in all the different spots.

Ashley is a lovely strawberry blond with the most beautiful eyes. She's built like a model, which made posing her tons of fun. At her high school she is a member of the Color Guard, so we had a lot of fun trying different poses with her big red flag. She liked the poses and I think I got some nice shots. I had to get close ups of her fabulous eyes to show them off. She did an excellent job following all my directions. Way to go Ashley! Check out the photo below.

Now I can't post my blog without mentioning Ashley's mom, Norma. Wow, what a great gal. She became my willing assistant holding up my reflector and diffuser sometimes both at the same time. It's not easy getting them both in exactly the right spot to get a catch light in the eyes, but she caught on immediately and did a super job.

When our shoot was done, Norma asked if I'd like to join her and Ashley for lunch. Now no self-respecting girl who likes to eat could refuse an offer like that. It was also noon and my tummy was rumbling. I said yes almost too enthusiastically. Bubba's Barbecue, which is owned by people Norma knows, was fabulous. I love baby back ribs and sweet potato fries. Oh, my gosh. YUM! Hey, I'll be going back to try everything else on the menu and if you'd like to try it, too, it's on Prospect down towards the museum on the right hand side. It's a local fave, so you know it has to be good.

It's scary how easily food distracts me. Okay, back on track - I was writing about Ashley's senior photo shoot. I had such a great time with Ashley and her mom. I think they will enjoy the photos and Ashley will certainly have fun passing them out to her friends at school. You can check out Ashley's photos on my website at Look for 'Senior Portraits AL' in the Gallery link.

Make it a beautiful and delicious day!

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